BFC Conference 2018

The Conference

Second swiss Conference on Barrier-free Communication

“Accessibility in Educational Settings”

The second edition of the Swiss Conference Series on Barrier-free Communication will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, 9th-10th November 2018. The conference seeks to serve as a forum for researchers, students and practitioners to exchange novel ideas on the topic.

This year, the main theme of the event will be “Accessibility in Educational Settings”, which represents one of the main working axes of the project “P-16: Proposal and implementation of a Swiss research centre for barrier-free communication”, approved by swissuniversities and funded by federal contributions.

 The project research areas, described more in detail in the project website, are the following:

  • Audio Description
  • Combining Audio Description, Audio Introduction and Text-to-Speech (Read-aloud) Technology
  • Live-Subtitling: Respeaking and Speech-to-Text Interpreting via Keyboard
  • Easy-to-Read and Plain Language
  • Sign Language and Sign Language Interpreting
  • Speech to Sign Language Translation
  • Accessibility of Digital Documents
  • Speech-to-Text (Dictation) Systems
  • Community Interpreting
  • Community Interpreting into Plain Language