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Pierrette Bouillon

Prof. Dr. Pierrette Bouillon

Professor, Head of the Department of Translation Technology, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Geneva



Pierrette Bouillon has been Professor at the FTI, University of Geneva since 2007. She is currently Director of the Department of Translation Technology (referred to by its French acronym TIM) and Vice-Dean of the FTI. She has numerous publications in computational linguistics and natural language processing, particularly within lexical semantics (Generative lexicon theory), speech-to-speech machine translation for limited domains and more recently pre-edition/post-edition. In the past, she participated in different EU projects (EAGLES/ISLE, MULTEXT, etc.) and was lead for four Swiss projects in speech translation: MEDSLT 1 and 2 (offering a system for spoken language translation of dialogues in the medical domain), REGULUS (“A platform for controlled spoken dialog application”) and CALL-SLT 1 (“A generic platform for CALL based on speech translation”). She is currently head of the SNF CALL-SLT 2 project (“Designing and evaluating spoken dialogue based CALL systems”) and BabelDr ("Spoken Language Translation of Dialogues in the Medical Domain") and she has coordinated the European ACCEPT project (“Automated Community Content Editing PorTal”).


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